A panther was purchased by a resident from the zoo and is kept as a pet.

Alex, a 32-year-old Yekaterinburg inhabitant, accomplished remarkable distinction. The panther at present dwells in Alex’s loft in the wake of turning into his property. He used to work at the zoo.

He was generally committed to the strong and staggering panther Caser, who experienced medical issues because of missing a panther that had been shipped off another zoo, out of the relative multitude of creatures.

The zoo needed to then close down. Alex chose to save Caser after that. The panther had the most wonderful house thanks to him, and he raised him to be exceptionally gregarious and associated with him. He never let him be and they hung out.

As per Alex, the panther definitely transformed him, and he frequently ponders what he really wants to do. Alex and Caser really comprehend each other, and they might in fact have colds simultaneously. He sees himself more as the creature’s companion than as its proprietor.

He brought the creature since he was interested about it, and he doesn’t encourage anybody to do it since it includes liability. Leopards are unique animals and it is really amazing that they can be good friends for people as they love nature and freedom. What do you think about leopards?

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