Blue parrot has the most charming response to his birthday presents: Happy Birthday Marnie!

There have been loads of humorous stories about parrots. Those boisterous buddies are only agitators, yet we love to have them around.

A bird sweetheart, Marnie’s proprietor got him when he was only half a month old. She hand-took care of him, she dealt with him and she learned him to mingle. Perhaps that is the reason the bird’s most memorable words were ‘I love you,’ making his mother so pleased and close to home.

Encircled by affection, Marnie was alway so kind and amicable, with his mother, however with different individuals from the family as well.

As a matter of fact, Marnie is so delightful and sweet, he acts kind and exquisite even with the plush toys. Furthermore, a bunny is his 1st.

The blissful bird began to acquire reputation around the world, after his mother shared a video of him during breakfast, when he continued to say « That is no joke, » to his Cockatiel sibling.

However, the most lovable film of him was caught on camera when they commended his fifth commemoration. Obviously, nobody might have missed the birthday celebration, including Marnie’s most loved toys.

In any case, it’s the bird’s lovable response to his gifts what became a web sensation.

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