Heartwarming moment that lion cub is Kissing mom on the nose.

A natural life photographic artist as of late caught the mind boggling second a tender lion fledgling gave its mom the best of kisses. The mother-fledgling team share a delicate second that endures a couple of moments, and the whelp has all the earmarks of being kissing the lioness on her nose.

Luckily, Julia Sundukova was perfectly located brilliantly to catch the wonderful scene on her camera.

The 41-year-old photographic artist was on a campaign to Hwange Park, Zimbabwe, noticing a group of lions when unexpectedly a whelp and his mom had the most cozy second.

Albeit the delightful picture is just about as extraordinary as anyone might think possible, Julia made sense of that the entire second was so extreme.

Since there were no guys around, the whelps got the opportunity to play uninhibitedly and connect intimately with their moms. « The lioness with the collar was the mother of the fledgling she was playing with, » the picture taker told SWNS.

« There were no guys around, so it was intriguing to see how the offspring play and associate with the female. »

In spite of the fact that she is a seriously experienced picture taker, Julia said she has never had the difference in such a nearby and exceptional experience with lions.

« It’s one of the best time and intriguing nature examples for me, » she said. « Despite the fact that the lions were somewhat way far removed, I was so glad to enjoy the entire brilliant hour with them until dusk. »

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