The birds are taken care of by a nine-year-old young lady, and in return they bring her beads and pendants.

In the same way as other messes with her age, 9-year-old Seattle occupant Marie Spreigner likes to gather things. Yet, dissimilar to different messes with her age, Maria doesn’t go chasing after secret wealth.

They come to her from birds. Indeed, Maria warms up to birds, similarly as in kid’s shows. What’s more, the young lady consistently gets presents from thankful birds. Maria was still very youthful.

While she was strolling, food would consistently tumble from her hands into the walkway. The crows accumulated when the young lady left the home and kept a nearby mind her to check whether they could exploit what is happening to bring in some cash.

As Maria advanced toward the bus station, she continuously started giving her extra school lunch to the birds. Thus, the crows started to gather outside the young lady’s home each day, cawing to invite her and go with her to the stop.

Maria additionally took the decision to be caring to her companions. She put a feeder and consumer outside her home and beat it up with new food and water each day. Then the gifts of the crows started to show up.

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