The canine has become a mother to 22 rabbits, who takes extraordinary consideration of them․ Sweet infants simply revere their « mama ».

The video with this superb retriever quickly spread all around the web.

The name of this great canine is Bailey. She is likely quite possibly of the most lovely and smart canine you have at any point seen.

She has such brilliant magnificence that it is hard to depict it even in words.

Her fledglings are really sensitive and sweet like their mom. This canine generally needs to give love to everybody, particularly with regards to bunnies.

Besides, she is a mother of 22 fledglings, not 2-3. They believe Bailey to be their mom, who takes extraordinary consideration of every one of her infants. They essentially revere their mom.

They are generally satisfied and glad to lay down with her for quite a while.

As indicated by canine proprietors, this awesome young lady has forever been extremely sweet and kind.

So they were not by any stretch astonished by their darling canine’s mindful disposition towards hares.

She sniffs them, embraces them, and even licks them like their genuine bunny mother would.

When the video was transferred to the Internet, it quickly became famous online. It was watched by multiple million individuals.


Notwithstanding the 22 hares, Bailey likewise has a major spot in her heart for another great animal, which has likewise turned into an individual from their home.  They are so brilliant.

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