Dwarf blind kitten Insisted on living after being abandoned by family.

Despite the greatest act of indifference, rejection and lack of affection from her own family – they abandoned her to her fate – a dwarf kitten. The cat was who blind and he was determined to survive.

There are creatures born with flaws, but this story demonstrates that these so-called « factory flaws » have no chance to be happy. The only way he could live is simply to survive.

The same goes for small creatures with unique needs, whose perseverance and will to survive can teach us the most important lessons about human nature.

Giselle was her original name and the birth conditions were dire. This cat’s spine and limbs were severely malformed when she was born. He had really miserable life. That was why he deserved to have the best.

Giselle’s owners and the MSPCA doctors who received her both believed the kitten would not live. She was in very poor health and her fur was matted and absolutely filthy.

The cat was really poor and needed help to overcome the difficulties.

Alyssa received around 3,000 adoption requests after posting on social media that they were looking for a good home for Giselle, and Holly’s request was ultimately chosen.

What do you think about the family who was ready to adapt the cat?



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