See the hero dog with a prosthetic leg who won the top prize for animals. What he has done will be simply amazing to you!

The four-year-old military canine was utilized to help British soldiers in a strike on an exceptional al-Qaeda base.

After British and Afghan troopers couldn’t move without losses, Kuno was entrusted with breaking the gridlock.

Subsequent to being delivered by his coach, Kuno raged the entry to the compound and sent off an assault on the radicals. During the activity, Kuno killed a fear monger and found a secret bomb.

Astonished by Kuno’s abrupt appearance, the shooter terminated into the dimness, harming the canine’s two rear legs. Kuno kept on charging at the shooter, gnawing his arm and sticking him to the ground.

In spite of the fact that his paw was seriously injured, the canine kept on going after al-Qaeda warriors until the attack force entered the patio and cleared the structure. Really at that time did he at long last rest.

Tragically, Kuno was severely injured in the back leg by projectiles from al-Qaeda contenders, one of which almost missed a significant supply route.

Kuno expected a few significant medical procedures to settle and get back to the UK, in spite of the fact that he got nearby life-saving consideration from paramedics toward the rear of the helicopter.

One of his rear legs was cut off to forestall a possibly deadly contamination.

Incredibly, the courageous canine has made a full recuperation from medical procedure and is currently the main British military working canine to be fitted with a custom prosthesis.

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