Hero tracked down a doggy alone, injured, shuddering and sobbing for help.

A lady was strolling through the frigid roads when she heard an unwanted little dog’s weep for help. As revealed by ilovemydogsomuch.tv, she followed the sound and found a harmed pup shuddering and yelling in dread in a snowdrift.

Donna’s heart skirted a thump as she moved toward the delicate pup. Poor people child was contaminated from a frightful injury on his side and was experiencing a condition called paraphimosis, which influences uncircumcised men and should be dealt with as needs be.

The pup, presently named Weezer, looked so appreciative when Donna dropped by. Notwithstanding the agony, his cries of dread were quieted as she drove him to the vehicle. He had a real sense of security and showed it by swaying his tail energetically!


Donna quickly took him to the ER where he was dealt with. Veterinarians verified that the tainted injury was brought about by a covered tackle that her proprietor had brutally given her.

We are thankful for Donna’s affection and care and trust that a superior life anticipates sweet Weezer. Our requests and love for this valuable little dog!

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