The proprietor removed the pregnant feline, however the nearby canine took her in a stall.

Prior to going with her proprietors to the dacha, Maryona, the feline, lived in a wonderful city condo with her cherished proprietors. The family wanted to spend the late spring in the dacha, and Maryona adored the laid-back flows.

The feline jumped at the chance to circumvent different yards, climb trees, go through the grass, and chase after mice. She made companions also, outstandingly with the neighbor’s canine Ima and the feline Mora.

At the point when the late spring season finished, her proprietors went to the city, however they would not take her with them, so she was gone out.

In spite of her great habits, the new proprietor didn’t quickly become hopelessly enamored with the feline and had her taken out from the house. Maryona conceived an offspring in November, during the coldest part of the year.

By then, Ima showed up with perfect timing to help her pal. She ended up being an extremely overall quite kind canine. Delightful Ima assisted Maryona with keeping the cats warm by keeping the feline and little cats warm in her slow down. The cats were really safe place. They were happy and warm.They wanted nothing else.

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