The family would not pay $20 for the missing doggy since it was « not worth the effort. »

Mika, a blind dog, was discovered in a back alley in Los Angeles, clearly frightened by his encounter with the streets. He was rescued by a dog rescue organization that was also able to locate his owners.

Although the owners agreed to return it, the $20 return charge infuriated them. Mika’s owners flatly refused to pay the bare minimum, stating the dog was “not worth it.” Mika’s heart had been crushed since his loved ones had abandoned him.

Mika was even more dissatisfied when no one expressed interest in adopting the blind dog. Mika was taken in by the shelter’s director at first. After several months of recuperation, he was looked after by a local woman named Lily.

Mika was a pleasant surprise for Lily. She was apprehensive to adopt the blind dog permanently, but she quickly discovered that Mika was much like her other dogs, mischievous and full of life.

Mika is now at ease in his forever home, surrounded by loving people and canine siblings. At the end, the poor dog has found home.

People sometimes overlook the fact that many dogs have an excellent all-around sense of smell and that their capacity to smell is unaffected by blindness.

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