The man had lost his gray cat, which was his fellow traveler and was overcome with emotion when after months of searching, he finally found it.

The owner has been traveling with his cat for the fourth year. The cat had its own seat In the truck’s cab.

One day, he was desperately trying to find him when he got a call from an unexpected source.And that was wonderful news!

The cat adored going on adventures and filled its owner’s day to the best of his abilities.The man also admired and lived with the cat as he did not have any relatives.

He misplaced the cat three months ago while driving across the streets from New York. The cat has disappeared. There was no place where the cat could be found.

The man was scared by the noise and rushed towards the woods. He has followed all directions in order to find his cat.

A kind woman saved the life of the cat. The latter could not stand by and let a feline freeze to death.The woman examined the cat and found a microchip, and phoned the number supplied.

The man considers the found of the cat a Christmas present and a miracle.

After that day, people put a microchip in their cat. All thought that the chipping would be forever working.

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