A stray ‘puppy’ was thrown into a man’s yard turning out to be a rare wild.

A man noticed a stray dog in his garden while he was was cultivating flowers.

The dog cried out for help. Its back was covered with small wounds. It was similar to those caused by the attack of other dogs.

It was clear that the dog had survived without food for a long time.

The man felt sorry for the orphan and took it home. He gave it food and drink and then took it to the veterinarian. These were really difficult days for both.

The man was sure that he would be able to help the animal and care it.

The doctor considered that it was attacked by wild dogs due to the appearance of the small dog.

The patient followed the doctor’s advice quitely.

After some treatment and analysis, it turned out that Wave (the puppy’s name) was a rare wild.

This breed was on the verge of extinction.

Researchers and scientists have not been able to recognize and discover and identify this breed for years.

That was how Wave became the first of its type to live its lineage.

The story of Wave has become well-known on social pages. It has turned the unusual animal into a star.

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