The sailing dog, which admired all passengers, sailed from one resort to another with great confidence.

A dog served in Budapest from Hungary where it was so popular.

Where the ship was located, at every celebration Mike was dressed as an admiral and photographed so that its photos could be opened to their relatives in Hungary.

The dog had a sailor’s cap, which was black and white. It loved his hat, which was always with it.

One day, օne of the sailors, while piloting the ship, gave the steering wheel to the dog.

The dog sailed from one resort to another with great confidence and exclamation: « Haf-Haf ».

This fact surprised all the passengers and they called it « Haf-Haf ». It was friendly and lovely dog.

Some of the passengers photographed the dog and posted pictures of the dog on the city streets.

Painters painted the dog with admiration on the walls of buildings.

Moreover, people came to the port and asked the sailor to take a picture with the dog. They spoke about the sailing dog with admiration all over the city.

Furthermore, they talked about the courage of the dog to their children.

Every year on that day, the townspeople celebrated the day by telling each other how Haf-Haf had moved them from one port to another.

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