When the dog was on trains, there were definitely no accidents.

Dog’s behavior can be both usual and strange.

It is interesting that Mike’s dog loved trains and railroads, so Mike’s dog loved mail, letters, and mailboxes, and it followed all the postmen, both on land and on ships and in train carriages.

From the post office, it chased the mail carriers to the train carriages, and the staff allowed it to board the train as they believed it was a successful dog and if it was on the train, accidents would definitely not occur.

On the train, passengers loved and fed the dog and took some photos of it.

The dog is loved and famous in the city.

Travelers took it with them throughout the United States and European countries. The dog loved traveling with mail.

Medals were hung around its neck to symbolize its whereabouts. And when so many medals were collected that it was impossible to hang them on its neck.

The tailor made a beautiful bag for the dog, where it put all his medals on its own. The dog’s bag was loved by everyone.

The tailor had big sales thanks to the dog.

Even journals with its image were produced in its honor.

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