How two big dogs make friends with a young goat from the village.

People have seen very careful gestures – an incomprehensible association between different species of animals.

Nothing can be compared with the friendship of the dogs. It is clear that there was a strong bond between the friendship of the dogs.

Janny and Bax are two lovely and adorable dogs. They always walk, eat and sleep together. Moreover, they are sensitive giants despite having massive size.

The kindness of dogs to all the creatures he lives with shows that.

In fact, since their arrival, the two dogs have acted as super-guards guarding all the animals from the village.

Despite their compassion for everyone, the dogs from the village have developed a unique bond with the exceptionally charming resident, the little goat.

The little goat likes sunning with the dogs, walking with the dogs and sleeping with the dogs the most.

It is interesting that the goat sometimes protects the dogs by showing them the right directions to move in order for help.

Moreover, they like playing together with the people from the village.

It is interesting to see how different species of animals live together and communicate in a friendly way.

It can be a great opportunity for us to learn from them.

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