Despite being furious, everybody talked about the dogs’ long-lasting friendship.

In Utan in the 960s, there were two dogs that did not have a home. They roamed the city while other wandering dogs could be caught and thrown into cages.

These two dogs were furious and nervous.

In the case of these two dogs, Duke and Finn, everything was different, they were well-known in the city.

The reason they were so popular was a company which secretly helped them with care and food.Duke was a stray dog. One day it attacked a dog and tore it to pieces before the « dog hunters » arrived.

People were afraid in the city. There was noise everywhere. Every day people followed the dogs’ fight from their homes.

Duke and Finn were friends and always were together. Despite being furious, everybody talked about their long-lasting friendship. They protected themselves from everything and everyone.

The story of their friendship was even covered by the media.

One time, however, Finn was shot in the leg and everyone in town was talking about Duke’s being sad.Duke was looking for food everywhere, taking care of its friend.

Unfortunately, everything was too deep and one of the friends died leaving other alone.This strange pressure from the residents lasted until both dogs died.

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