A sad cat with missing ears had a hope of finding a home.

A sad cat with missing ears approached walking people. It had a hope of finding a new home. Never lost its hope.

The 4-years-old cat was born without ears and its owners left it alone and they did not care for it.

Bob battled to locate the appropriate home for it.

Months went by with no success. On the other hand, Bob did not lose its hope.

It was strange at first, but it soon became evident that Bob was looking for a place to stay. Bob wasted no time in getting to know its passers-by.

Each person who came to meet the cat, was greeted by the kitten.

Finally, Bob found a family. The cat was adopted by a loyal family from Germany.

The cat was too much for the couple from Germany.

They accepted it right away after looking at a lot of kittens. Bob’s vibe drew them in immediately.

That is the happiest day for the cat. Bob sprang up on its legs and began waving its paws as soon as they entered the room.

The ears were unimportant for the family. In addition, they considered it a distinctive trait.

They loved Bob just the way it was.

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