A couple discovered a wounded puppy at a corner store while they were on a trip and refused to leave it alone.

Natalie and her boyfriend went on an eight-week journey. They were fond of spending their time on sightseeing

They only got out of their car for a short time to go to the general store when they stopped at the service point.

They noticed a dog sleeping beside their vehicle.

The dog also noticed them and was happy as it turned out it had been anticipating their arrival.

Soon after, an old woman who looked after missing canines came to the couple.

She also started telling the girl that this puppy is very friendly and lovely. It needed a home and care.

After petting the dog, the young girl and her boyfriend thought that bringing it to haven would be tough, and putting it at a corner store would be much more difficult.

The lovely puppy turned out to be a well-adjusted dog. It cherished and savored every time it spent with Natalie and her boyfriend.

It expressed its gratitude for their decision to include it in their plans.

The dog might sometimes be demanding, attempting to achieve what wanted regardless of the repercussions.

In any case, the puppy needed some time to figure out how to be a family pet.

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