The cat which couldn’t get enough of a stray kitten.

Pol, a poor cat, was brought to the shelter in miserable condition. It had been taken care of and tidied up. It was ecstatic to be full and could not remember ever getting hungry again.

Pol was very curious and was looking forward to making friends.

Lucy was instantly inquisitive about the new little kitten. So, for the first ten days, Lucy was able to investigate it as much as it wanted since it had to be alone.

Pol was getting more and more excited and happy to spend much time with its amazing friends.

When Pol was fully cured, it met Lucy. The latter had been expecting a thorough meet-and-greet.

The kitten was persuaded to do the right thing by the cat, which began to wipe its ears.

Lucy was 7 years old and was deeply aware of its mother’s responsibilities. It was calm and clever cat.

As Pol fit under Lucy’s long legs, Pol now liked to gently fly towards it, walking straight to its highest point when Pol walked.

When Lucy was with beloved Pol, it was always in awe. Pol lied down satisfied, knowing that it was cherished.

Pol was extremely happy as it was in a safe place.

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