How the pigeon and the dog met each other and became friends.

Wonderful animals occasionally create certain bonds, such as friendship, love and affection.

Those bonds do not have boundaries. People always keep wondering about their unusual bonds.

There is an unusual bond between Lucky and Lay.

Lay is a pigeon which is not able to fly and Lucky is a little dog which is not able to walk. Their amazing story captures everyone’s hearts.

They met each other in a rehabilitation center called Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Lay was saved by the forest rescuer. It was found in a car park. Poor creature could neither fly, nor move. It struggled for its life and survival. It couldn’t fly anymore.

Lucky appeared at the same center, when it was only four-week-old. A breeder from San Francisco refused it, as it had a defect: it was unable to walk.

It was taken to the same shelter and, soon, found their love and relaxed.

When Lucky and Lay first met each other, no one from the shelter could imagine that they would become good and loyal friends.

The workers put Luna in the chihuahua’s bed by taking it out of his playpen.

Surprisingly, they got along with each other fast, and even more, became loyal friends. It was love at first sight.

The workers took some pictures and shared them on social media pages.

So many people expressed their admiration, so this interesting couple become famous.

The followers even donated more than $4,000 for the rehabilitation center.

It is a strange relationship, but at the same time lovely.

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