In the case of a lady who can’t seem to locate her wedding ring, it turns out her dog ate it

In England, a woman feared she had lost her wedding band for good, only to find that her dog had eaten it.

Upon returning to bed, Elana was startled to discover her beautiful stone ring had vanished from the nightstand where she had placed it the night before.

When she saw a shredded box of Kleenex on the floor, she knew who had gotten the ring. She was shocked.

When Steve, her most cherished dog, sneaked into the room, he devoured it. In contrast, Elana brought her pet to the veterinarian.

The x-ray showed that Steve had swallowed her mother’s precious ring.

The woman was relieved to learn that the ring had been lost, but now she had to figure out how to get it back!

Regardless, Elana and Steve’s recovery of Steve’s stomach ring was considerably more difficult than they expected.

After the dog fled, they employed a metal tracker to find him.

It took four days for them to locate the man they had been searching for.

It eventually showed up on the fourth day, even though we bought a metal detector to look for it, the woman said.

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