By chance, Shinnkle and the rest of the pack save a large group of cats from an attack by an angry mob while camping with their sons

Despite the fact that they have a secluded retreat, they were surprised to find another person there when they were there recently.

While camping in the forest, Shinnkle and his son found a lone cat when they arrived.

Shinnkle’s son met the friendly kitten when he was erecting his tent.

He had a strange hunch that when they returned from their camping vacation, the cat would be there to see them off.

The cat crept over to meet its new friends as they ate supper in their tent, and then they finished off what was left.

It wasn’t long until Shinnkle made his way back to his tent. As he arose and flashed his phone’s light, eight eyes were fixed on him.

Three kittens were born to their new feline acquaintance.

Shinnkle’s family made this choice after much consideration, and the cats in their care now have a permanent home.

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