A cat that was so enamored with a new kitten that he couldn’t get enough of him

Cat Lea was taken to the shelter in a terrible state. She’d been given a thorough cleaning and well-being attention.

With her stomach full, Lea was pleased and could not picture living without food for the rest of her life.

As she gained weight, she developed an insatiable curiosity about the world and want to meet new people.

First fourteen days, Pollar was permitted to inspect the new kitten to the fullest extent possible since she had to be left alone.’

Lea’s desire to spend time with her feline friends was becoming stronger. When she had completely recovered, Lea was able to see Pollar in person, as he had been looking forward to it.

Encouraged by the feline, the kitten started washing her ears as soon as the cat had finished.

Pollar is particularly concerned about his mother’s role in his life.

As a result of his long legs, he can now delicately jump toward her and walk straight over the top of her as she strolls.

When Pollar is around, Lea is in a state of ecstasy. As she rests, she smiles at the thought that she’s being cared for.

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