You may recognize him as Zhuu, the feline that is so round that he can fit straight into your chest

All kinds of forms and sizes may be found among cats; some are very athletic while others are endearingly chubby.

It’s only via virtual entertainment that the indisputably great and most majestic will transform into a genius and become a viral phenomenon.

As a consequence, we’d like to introduce you to Zhuu, a promising feline whose round face and physique have won our hearts.

A wad of pillow is how he most resembles him.

As a two-year old male longhair cat, he is an intriguing specimen of a new breed characterised by its round, level look.

In spite of his outwardly sour demeanor, he is lovely and charming.

It’s not uncommon for folks to see him as a metaphor for how they feel when their alarm clock goes off in the morning.

Zhuu shares a home with a 3-year-old shorthair cat called Boco, and both cats are male.

You can’t help but smile at the two cats, who seem like they’ve had enough of life.

Regardless, they’ll make you chuckle and want to snuggle with them like nothing else. On Instagram, the owner of Boco and Zhuu routinely posts pictures of their antics.

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