When a rescued monkey finally gets to meet his forever family, he is overjoyed

At an early age, the monkey was taken away from his family and kept in a cage. At the time, he or she was just 5 or 6 months of age.

The owners named their monkey Tiktok and housed him in a bird cage. Thanks to a new family, the baby was taken away from his nefarious owners and adopted.

There were RSPCA volunteers on the scene to investigate reports of animals being kept in appalling circumstances. Seeing Tiktok, a little infant who should not have been removed from his parents, shocked them all.

Not only that, but it was neglected. Later, the activists took over and started looking for a permanent home for the little monkey.

A rescue group called Monkey World took Tiktok in and gave him all of the attention he needed. The new family welcomed the newborn with open arms.

Ronnie and Clydie have stepped into the shoes of his parents. Because they had terrible owners, Tiktok was instantly adopted by the community.

Tiktok jumped on his mother’s back as soon as he spotted her and immediately began playing. From the beginning, they were inseparable.

In addition to being pleased at the prospect of caring for Tiktok, Clydie and Ronnie’s lovely family serves as an inspiration to all of us.

The infant is already settling in to a new home where he can feel secure. A good example of this is the tale of tiny Tiktok.

Keeping monkeys as pets in cages is not a good idea.

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