The owner of a dog devises a system that enables the dog to accompany him on mountain adventures

Everywhere his owner went, this dog was always there by his side. It was a group effort to traverse all of the mountain trails.

The dog, on the other hand, is now 14 years old, so long walks are out of the question.

Because of his advancing years, it is becoming more difficult for him to unwind and enjoy life.

Since he personally wants to take the dog with him anytime he goes outdoors, the retriever’s owner does not want his pet to spend the rest of his days enclosed in a cage.

The owner built an unique car for the dog so that he could go with him.

When it comes to snow, ice, and hazardous terrain, the dog currently has the ability to go with his owner.
It’s also said to be the happiest time of the year for dogs, according to the owner.

The owner says it’s the least he can do to show gratitude for the pet’s long-term dedication and devotion.

If he can, the dog’s wheelchair-bound owner plans to keep pushing the canine companion as long as it provides him joy.

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