The images of this feline and canine combo show the meaning of the term fellowship aims in action

Claudia and a companion are avid travelers. As you can see from their social media accounts, they like hiking and climbing in the mountains and forests.

Many photos of their dogs, Leo and Balloo, are available online.

A dog named Leo was acquired by Claudia and a friend from a shelter. He had just turned three or four months old.

As soon as Claudia put Leo in her arms, the baby snuggled up on her lap and begged for a massage.

A few days after that, Claudia brought Leo to her. Doggy climbed up to the cliff’s edge when they first started walking together, choosing the biggest and steepest stone.

An animal companion had been agreed upon by Claudia and her buddy only a few months prior to this.

Adopting a kitten that was old enough to go for a walk in the woods was essential. Balloo, a mixed-breed kitten at the shelter, caught their eye.

Balloo and Leo quickly became pals after meeting for the first time. Once a week, we take our dog Balloo for a stroll with a chain around his neck.

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