Astoundingly, the internet was shocked by the proximity of an unhappy cat and a joyful dog

Instagram’s newest out-of-the-box duo is Cesper and Rommeo. Rommeo’s temperament is very different from Cesper’s.

Despite their little stature, the fluffy companions enjoy a great time together. Rommeo seems to be grumpy, yet he’s the best cat I’ve ever encountered.

According to Liu, his hugs are the greatest in the world, and that he allows everyone to be close to him is true.

Cesper’s reaction to the adoption worried him, though. Cesper and Rommeo first avoided each other, but curiosity eventually swayed them.

Within a few weeks of dating, the two had completely lost their resemblance.

Since then, they’ve committed to spending two hours a day with their owner and a professional photographer learning new things about the city they live in.

Liu has an Instagram account where she publishes photos of the two of them together. The crowd seemed to respect the couple’s differences.

Cesper and Rommeo are often spotted snuggling up together.

When Liu wakes up every day to the sight of the two adorable creatures, she is content. She stated of her darling dogs, « I can’t imagine my life without them. »

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