A cat who had spent its entire life hiding from everyone decided to open up and trust humans one day

Since then, there have been several kittens born in a barn. It was provided to them by the owner, Joanne, to keep them safe. She made touch with a cat rescue group.

It was Joanne’s choice whether to relocate three kittens and two adult cats to a secure area.

Thereafter, the kittens were taken to a shelter where they would be available for adoption. In her search for the litter’s final remaining cats, she came across a very timid and hungry kitty.

A year and a half earlier, the kitten had been born. A cardboard box imprisoned her the whole time. Joanne attempted to touch the cat in order to earn her confidence, but the kitten remained frightened of her.

With the aid of a shelter employee, a little cat was taken to the facility.

The kitten started to love spending time with her siblings as she got more comfortable with them.

As it turned out, she had an insatiable curiosity in the world around her and the nerve to ask for a pet of her own.

In the shelter for a little over a year, the cat is ready to be adopted into a loving family.

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