When he’s surrounded by six-month-old pups, he exudes joy

It was common for him to pose with dogs that resembled golden retrievers or poodles up to the age of six months.

Mother Jessie is the name given to an Instagram account by a family with five dogs and a young child.Charles and Sheea are Jessie’s two golden doodles, each one year old.

It’s no secret that her son, Leo, has a soft spot for tiny dogs and loves to play with them.

In the near future, Leo will be able to reward his canine companions with snacks.In the last month, Leo has grown more conscious of their presence and has began to caress and seek for them. Awe-inspiring to see.

After viewing the pictures, it is a widespread joke that Leo will also think of himself as a dog.

With these traits, he is a cheerful and joyful child, despite the fact that his parents share some of them.

She feels that the presence of dogs in the house has an effect on her daughter’s behavior.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful life his family lives as an unbreakable band of friends to give you an idea of what they’re like on a daily basis.

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