Incredibly cute, the cat now believes it’s a dog because of the aid the dog gave it when it was growing up

A few years ago, a guy rescued a kitten and decided to adopt him. When the guy took the kitten home, he was sure his canine family would be happy to have him.

In fact, they did. However, the dogs greeted him and played with him as if they were part of the pack.

Azmail the cat has been accepted into the pack as a full member. They actively play with each other and take great care not to damage one other.

If that wasn’t enough, Azmail and his family went for a stroll on the weekends. Kitty: A guy discovered this cat in a street drain and carried him back to his house.

When the small cat initially arrived, we saw that he was quite interested in our dog, and that continued for the duration of his stay.

After a few hours, the dog decided that the kitten was a new friend and that he could get along with it.

He fed and watered the cat. A daily stroll with Azmail is like going to work for us. As though we were living with three dogs.

Because he’s not frightened of other dogs and even defends his siblings when they harm our other dogs,’

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