The raccoon has made friends with a dog and acts as if he is a doggy

Rose, a kind woman, noticed a baby raccoon that had fallen from somewhere high last year.

Rose didn’t see her mother nearby because the baby had broken her leg.

That’s why Rose and her daughter Lara decided to bathe and feed the tiny raccoon.

The tiny raccoon quickly adjusted to his new surroundings and became acquainted with all of his family members.

The family was so taken with the wild animal that they decided to bring it home and raise it with her husband.

Pumpy discovered two dogs in her new home, which were also adopted by this very attentive and caring family.

Pumpy quickly discovered a common language with animals and became enamored with them.

Pumpy’s owner claims that she almost always chases after the dogs and never leaves them alone for more than a minute.

The baby, who has already grown and become very strong, is very curious and wants to communicate with his friends at all times.

She chases the dogs, enjoys playing with them, and joins in the fun. But, at the same time, he knows when to stop and respects her friends, so she isn’t rude to them.

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