A mother cat and her kittens were found in a garment bin in a cellar: She was saved

A cat and her kittens were found in a basement by someone cleaning an abandoned property. We were alerted by an eyewitness to the sightings of a mother cat and her four young kittens in a seemingly deserted residence.

As soon as a cleaning occupant entered the basement, she gasped in disbelief at what she observed.

There was no food or water in the home,’ Lorri said of the discovery of a cat and her kittens in a garment storage container.

When the lady who discovered them recognized that the cat was in need of help, she responded swiftly.

She rescued them and took them home to look for the mother and locate a place for them to stay.

All of her kittens were in fantastic condition, a testament to how well their mother had taken care of them. There was an immediate response from a neighboring shelter.

At first, the feline seemed friendly.

When she was done investigating her new surroundings, she summoned her kittens for a snack. The cats’ meowing soon filled the room.

The kittens’ mother is thrilled to have a warm and welcoming place to call home, as well as the help of others in caring for them.

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