For adoption, there was a mother cat with her three kittens

Because of this, they were asked to take in four cats from a rescue organization. In the backyard of an old couple, a smattering of kittens has been seen.

Two of the kittens had a runny nose. The babies’ mother, a feline, tried to do all she could to deal with the situation.

When her eyesight recovered, they found the mother was completely blind. The mother cat kept a close eye on her cubs.

At the shelter, which had comfortable beds and medical attention, their appetites restored and they began to gain weight.

They were taken away from their mother to be examined by a veterinarian.

Mommy cat is always on the lookout for attention from them.

If she’s in need of some belly rubs, she’ll turn her head to indicate that she’s ready to be scratched. Mom cat and her gorgeous kittens enjoy their time at the shelter.

In spite of their immaturity, the kittens have already achieved a number of developmental milestones and are starting to demonstrate their own personalities.

The greatest medical treatment for her eyes and a safe place to live are no longer a concern since she no longer has to worry about food or a place to call home.

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