Finally, the long-necked pup has found a permanent home of its own

In the Netherlands, there’s a dog that sticks out whenever he and his owners go out in public together.

A person can’t help but be taken aback by her sheer stature, which naturally draws attention.

After being welcomed by his owner, Monika, the two-year-old greyhound was given new life.

Speed and dexterity are highly prized in sighthounds, which is another name for these breeds of dogs.

In this manner, Monika acquired Kenma. When she met the dog, she was part of an animal rescue network that was focused on rescuing dogs from an unimaginable death.

In addition, Monika is happy she did since she learned about Kenma, a kind dog with a sensitive soul

People sometimes stop and gaze or ask about Monika’s abnormally lengthy appearance whenever the two of them go on a stroll.

When the dog is out in the open, he has to answer a lot of questions from curious onlookers due to his small stature and need for many saddles, a choker, and a rope.

Attempting to steal Monika’s breakfast is one of the sneaky tactics she enjoys performing to get attention.

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