When a woman marries her cat, she is able to avoid having to deal with her landlord

Most states let cat-owning spouses to keep their feline companions after marriage.

India and Deborah Hodge were married at a local park by a friend.They were each dressed to impress.

As a result of the owners’ demands, Hodge was obliged to come up with a new strategy for transporting her three dogs and one cat.

When she was talking to potential buyers, she used the word « marriage » to describe it.

I took a gamble since I was desperate for work. » After that, I vowed that nothing would ever be able to keep us apart.

When my dog was in agony, I made a promise to myself that I would never stop trying to help him. My health is safe in India. « Wonderful, kind, and excellent » is the most appropriate word to describe her.

Since our wedding, India and I have been one big family. »I vowed to her that I would never lose faith in her. Than be homeless is preferable to being alone.

As a result of her inability to find work, Hodge is worried about being evicted from her Sidcup home soon.
Cats are part of a « whole package » for one woman, and she wanted to marry her « whole package. »

Afraid of India, she said. I remain at home because I’m terrified about the future and losing my pet. In the presence of my closest friends, the ceremony was conducted.

However, I had a good time even if « everyone thinks I’m mad. » When I wasn’t with them, it was obvious.

I’m not thinking of a new creature. It was too late for either of them; they were both dead by their injuries. “Until death do us part,” is what they promise each other.

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