The shelter cat won’t let a man leave his lap after hopping on

He spent six months at a shelter before taking charge of his own destiny.

The shelter named a small black cat Mikita.

His corpse was discovered during a TNR program, when stray cats are captured, sterilized, and released.

Only old animals remain on the streets due to infertility. So they wanted Mikita back on the street. This stray cat turned out to be rather sociable.

Beautiful cats like these should be kept inside. His safety was ensured at Chicago’s Harmony House for Cats.

Adopting black cats isn’t as popular as other hues. The wait was six months.

He was bored of waiting. When Rich and Andrea Williams arrived at the shelter, the black cat sprang into Rich’s lap.

He didn’t just sit; he sprawled across the guy’s knees, demonstrating his liking for males.

It purred and scratched at Rich’s brush behind the ear.

Andrea, Rich, and Mikita eventually left the shelter.

The couple wouldn’t have realized he’d been here for years if not for the cat.

He slept or looked out the window when he wasn’t. We rushed down the shelter corridor for the ball they threw us. It was fun to see him swiftly adjust to our way of life.

He now sits on our shoulders instead of the sofa to watch TV.

Mikita was also a very outgoing cat. He meows at those who approach him.

He sleeps in their bed at night and loves seeing them when they get home. Mikita has been living with the Williams family for 3.5 years and continues to please them.

The Williams family treats him like a kid.

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