Horses come to life in the hands of a talented photographer. Iceland has some of the world’s most beautiful scenery

Iceland’s captivating glacial scenery and eerie atmosphere give it a certain attraction.

Drew Doggett, a New York-based photographer, has noticed the island’s hairy horses, which are acclimated to the harsh surroundings.

Iceland is home to just one kind of horse. Despite their little size and hardiness, these creatures have a stunning mane and tail.

They’re available in a broad variety of hues. On the other side, Doggett adores slaughtering white horses because they resemble horses represented in fairy tales most precisely.

Iceland is a secure place for horses. The result of this is that they are less wary of other people and more open to developing meaningful connections with them.

A long time ago, the Vikings introduced horses to the island.

In light of this judgment, new horse imports into Iceland have been placed on hold.

While walking over an open field, Doggett stumbled into a herd of horses.

In order to catch the horses in all their glory, the photographer spent several days at a farm housing about 100 horses.
Fafnir, the six or seven horse made by Loki and cherished by his father Odin, was an inspiration for his artwork.

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