While fighting over territory, wild llamas seem to embrace one another

They smash with their horns with full force when two rams battle.

During combat, giraffes use their long necks to push each other across the battlefield.

When two vicuas engage in a fight from the side, it seems as if they are merely cuddling affectionately and there is no hostility in their actions.

Henrique Olsen de Assumpço, a Brazilian photographer, photographed these vicuas on a trip to Chile.

As part of a special journey to photograph animals in their natural habitat, he stayed at an eco-lodge.

While driving, the photographer was startled to see vicuas running across the road in front of him.

Two creatures immediately stepped out in front of him and started slapping each other.

« The images came out quite lovely since the sun was setting and the hue of the glow harmonized with the golden reflection of the vicuas, » explains the photographer.

There are many similarities between llamas and vicuas.

Vicuas are the ancestors of domesticated alpacas.

It’s possible to breed interspecifically among the several species of South African camelid that live in close proximity to one another.

Vicuas are herded in groups, with the strongest male in charge.

The herd’s young males are ejected and forced to dwell apart. De Assumpço captured a fight between two young males over territory.

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