Even for a little dog like Luna, the outside world was a terrifying and deadly place

A simple chore may have been a huge difficulty for her since she was too young to have been isolated from the outside world.

Fortunately, things changed when Beezy, a large Saint Bernard, met the little pup.

Even though he weighs 126 pounds, Beezy is a kind giant, and when he met Luna, he began interacting with her like a sibling would.

Her owner, Dave, said that within a short length of time, she felt comfortable lying on his back.

A beautiful brother has given Luna the freedom to go on trips whenever she wants.

This could not have happened since Beezy is inclined to concur with his sister’s wishes in general.

Aside from being the calmest dog, Beezy is also the most forgiving, Dave said.

Luna is in control, and Beezy is the loveliest person you’ve ever met.

The shopkeeper said that while Luna is riding on Beezy’s back, « there’s always a tremendous throng clicking photographs. »

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