This cat is enormous. Is everyone wrong? Look at this wonderful kitten

Even though this cat is just two years old, he already weights 28 pounds. The typical feline of this species may weigh up to 18 pounds, and he’ll keep growing until he’s 3 or 4 years old, so that’s quite a bit.

I had no clue he was going to grow to be that large! She seems unconcerned by this and is pleased to snuggle the world’s most adorable pet. Despite his enormous stature, he’s a wily monster.

A humble house in a tiny enclave is where he and his mother choose to call home.

Since meeting the kitty almost two years ago, the owner claims she had no idea he’d become an online sensation because of his larger-than-average size.

The owner assured us that despite his fearsome appearance, « he is a really pleasant and unobtrusive child. » The cat is a quick-witted thinker. He has a unique capacity to read the mood of the home.

It doesn’t squeak, scream, or harm furniture in any way whatsoever. When she saw the giant, she observed, « It’s intriguing to see how other people respond. » There are those who think he’s a dog.

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