For the best snoozes, the little rat is always rushing to his big dog companion

When it comes to dogs, Nukka has been a total darling.

Because he was nurtured in a household with a wide variety of animals, the black dog has developed a fondness for all creatures great and little.

« Our vet claimed he was bright above his years… since he’s generally so serene and quiet, » Nukka’s mother remarked.

A local pet store was looking for new owners for their animals because of the COVID-19, and Nukka was happy to take in yet another addition to his large family.

Nukka was more than happy to provide comfort to Blu, the gray and white rat.

It was immediately apparent that Blu and Nukka were inseparable, the mother said.

And the one who showed the clearest sign of affection for her was Blu. When I put him down on the floor, he would hurry to find Nukka and snuggle up to him.’

Small rats will love Nukka’s thick hair for their nest.

If Nukka sees Blu dozing, he will remain still out of respect for the boy’s slumber.

As long as Nukka’s buddy is happy, he doesn’t seem to care.

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