The stray cat is welcomed by the school, which uses it as a point of interest: She cares deeply about each and every one of her pupils

After being rescued by students and faculty, a stray cat is now thriving as a school good luck symbol.

No one knows where this cat came from, and it was found lounging on a neighboring road with no family.

The pupils at the school quickly fell in love with the kitten and asked for help in embracing him.

Cats may remain at school as long as they are healthy and vaccinated.

As of now, the cat spends her days relaxing in the sun and frolicking about with the pupils during their breaks.

She is referred to as such in class and may be seen relaxing in the places where pupils work.

She enjoys the attention and care she receives from the pupils, who are both interested and kind.

Students are excited to go to school and learn now that she is close. As they complete their duties, they enjoy petting and snuggling with her.

The principal of the school believes that fostering a passion for animals among pupils is essential to their academic success.

Fluffy is making students even more eager to show up for class.

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