Due to Vitiligo, a rescued cat’s hair has changed color, and she now seems to be an entirely new cat

A four-month-old German girl named Nicole stumbled across Ellie and her younger sibling on a rural property.Their condition need medical attention right once.

Infections from parasites and ear infections rendered them useless. When Nicole realized that « looking at it made me sad, » she took them both home with her.

After getting first-rate medical attention and compassion, the youngsters made a full recovery.

Nicole noticed that Ellie’s dark hair developed a white spot nine months later.

White spots have never seen in this area before. The woman ultimately gave up after repeatedly attempting to remove the down « believing that it was just glued to her ».

Her own hair, on the other hand, was to blame.

White tufts appeared on the cat’s coat throughout the next months.

Her cat’s abrupt shift in hue prompted Nicole to consult with a veterinarian.

The discovery of Ellie’s case of vitiligo, a rare but relatively benign skin condition, took her completely by surprise.

Only a tiny fraction of humans and animals are affected with vitiligo, and the numbers are much fewer for animals (cats, dogs, horses).

Ellie has no interest in studying pathology. The feline’s vitiligo just enhances its adorableness.

In the time after Nicole’s revelation, Ellie’s skin tone has darkened noticeably.

Ellie didn’t seem to notice any difference once the changes were made.

It’s been almost a year since anybody has seen Ellie dressed up as anything other than herself.

According to Nicole, her fur « changes constantly. »

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