An discarded cat and a dog form an unlikely friendship after they are both rescued from the elements

A rescue organization once received a frightened kitten. A neurological problem left her unable to walk, but it didn’t stop her from moving forward.

Another rescue found her outdoors when she was around five weeks old.

As one of our volunteers explained, the cat is disabled due to a neurological disease.

When the kitten came to the rescue, she was ready to take on the world with her limitless energy and enthusiasm for playfulness.

With the help of her new family and a beautiful husky called Cider, the mischievous kitten rapidly settled in to her new home.

When it comes to helping other creatures in need, Cider, a rescued dog, goes above and beyond the call of duty.

When she accepts foster families, she guarantees that the orphans and foster children she cares for are secure and loved.’ Cider, who was purring with glee, was the only place the kitten could go.

An animal shelter worker stated, ‘Nothing makes Cider happier than a new kitten pal.’

The feline immediately fell in love with the adorable canine. Despite the fact that she stumbles a little, the kitten continues to play vigorously, striving to grab every item that is tossed her way.

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