Adorable photographs of a mother dog and her puppies are the sweetest thing you’ll really see

Every unique moment you share with your children should be documented, especially if you have children of your own.

We want to be able to look back on these memories and recall all of the fun and laughter we had with our children as they grew and learned.

The photographer who inspires new mothers to celebrate the pleasures of parenting.Consequently, when her client requested a shot, she expected it would be similar to her other tasks.

She had different plans when she called the woman back when she answered her call, however.

Her pregnant dog was the star of the show throughout the picture shoot!

The dog was approximately a month and a half pregnant at the time, and the owner wanted to capture her sweetie in her last, « fragile condition. » state.

« I didn’t grow canines or doggies and I thought my kid should see it, » the woman said.

‘Capturing moments is my life’s work,’ she said.

Photographing a pregnant dog was a first for the photographer, who cherished the notion immensely.

Arriving at the filming site, the pregnant woman was surely accompanied by her pleased hubby and future father!

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