Introducing Aries, a rescued feline with spider-like legs

Aries, a black cat, and his siblings were born at a shelter in the United States.

Their mother stood on three legs. The little rural refuge was becoming too cold for the cats and kittens, so they began hunting for a new home.

Tracy Pitisci, a member of the Ana’s Angels humanitarian group, learned about the cats and transported them to Jacksonville, Florida.

After examining the kittens, Tracy realized that one of them had a medical issue. I’m an Aries.

The joints in his back legs were twisted and pressed against his belly. To get this cat to walk, we had to do a lot of effort. »

Tracy concentrated on Aries as the mother cat and healthy kittens were put in temporary or foster homes.

He was unable to crawl like his brothers and sisters. In order to keep his paws out of his rectum, the veterinarian suggested us to apply tape on them. His glutes might benefit from this as well.

Aries grew born with legs that resembled those of a spider, and they didn’t seem natural. Particularly if you’re sitting.
Aries has also mastered the art of walking on his hands and feet.

Tracy Pitisci made the decision to raise Aries as a member of her family despite the fact that she knew he would always need special care.

Even though Aries has matured into an adult cat, he still doesn’t understand how different he is from the other animals Tracy has.

People are generally astonished when they see Aries walking about with spider legs. Everyone has a soft spot for Aries images and video clips.

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