An ostrich soothed an infant elephant at a wildlife refuge, and the two became great friends

It’s always intriguing to see how animals communicate with one another in the wild. Humans are capable of providing support and comfort to one another, and they are no exception.

Because of their special interspecies affinity, they are guaranteed to win your heart as well.

Jotto, a young elephant in an elephant orphanage, found an unexpected companion in Pea the ostrich.

Volunteers from Sheldrick Wildlife saved the life of a one-month-old elephant. This time, he was able to see a better future for himself.

Pea and Pod, two ostrich chicks, were found soon after the elephant was saved.

The fact that they got along so well was a complete surprise to them all.

They made the decision to spend the rest of their life in Nairobi National Park. This wonderful spot provided a new home for the creatures.

During this time, a new friendship was formed. Every step of the way Pea was at his side, offering the love and support Jotto so sorely needed.

Friendship helped them overcome the sadness and loss they had experienced. With Jotto and Pea, we spent most of our time together.

It’s little surprise that the ostrich came to feel she belonged with the elephant herd.

Jotto is pleased to have Pea as a friend who is both entertaining and caring. Neither of them could get enough of the other’s smothering embraces.

Then they’ll return to the wild after they’ve healed and are robust enough.

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