Her yard is now infested with feral cats. I had no idea why some of them liked catnip

Last year, Nikki Byrne’s yard was immaculately manicured. She went to get herbs for her clay pots.

She placed it in pots with no hopes. Then came cats.

In an interview with The Dodo, Byrne said she couldn’t understand why certain cats were drawn to the plant.

My fear came from outside sounds. Big tabby sat on fence as I opened window. « The catnip pot tumbled over as I pursued it. »

Mister, Byrne’s elderly tabby cat, appeared often. He was missing his collar and looks frail, she noticed.

All of Mister’s children rushed to the Byrne’s yard to frolic and play under their father’s careful supervision.

Several heated cat shelters and toys fill Byrne’s backyard kitty paradise.

When Byrne and the other cats attempted to communicate with Mister, he was unresponsive.

Regarding the smaller ones, Byrne said they had to work hard to prove they were unsafe. « Nice. »

Byrne’s patience paid off. « It didn’t seem to have been addressed previously, » said Forrne.

He now praises me and even pats me on the back after I gave him power.

They need more than just food and entertainment, according to Byrne. That’s why she contacted a San Luis Obispo TNR group.

With only a year and a few catnip plants, Byrne has saved the lives of many generations of cats.

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