For a week, this Labrador refused to leave the hospital’s front door, eagerly awaiting the return of his owner

Toto the Labrador didn’t grasp the concept that one day, individuals leave this world and enter another…

At the entrance to the hospital in the little town of Argentina, he was waiting for his owner, who had just been admitted.

After the death of the departed, the dog remained in the same spot for over a week, as if on duty, and the departed’s loved ones ignored him and didn’t care what would happen to him.

The animal was treated with compassion by the medical team. They settled on placing a cardboard box with the puppy inside at the door.

When hospital visitors posted pictures of themselves with him on social media, the animal protection group was alerted, and the unfortunate guy was transported to a shelter.

Toto’s previous owner’s family did not respond, so they decided to look for a new home for Toto. They put up a picture of him and a description of his ordeal on their page.

It was necessary to build a residence farther away from the hospital so that he could no longer rely on it.

If your Labrador Retriever has ever been separated from you, you know how terrible it may be.

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